Chihee Hammock Chair Hanging Swing Max 500 Lbs 2 Cushions Included Steel Spreader Bar with Anti-Slip Grooves Portable Hanging Chair Side Pocket Large Macrame Bohemian Chair Indoor Outdoor


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  • Comfort and Health benefits:They offer a gentle swaying motion that can be very soothing.Hammock chairs are incredibly comfortable and provide a unique sitting experience that can offer several health benefits including improved circulation reduced muscle tension and better sleep quality.The feet support is foldableso you can sit or recline.It comes with 2 cushions to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Greatly Strength and Stability:Equipped with a sturdy iron rodwith a diameter of 1 inch and a length of 3.28 ftinstead of the wood rodcompletely saying goodbye to the worry about the firmness of the spreader bar.The fabric density is extremely high the seams are reinforced with stitches and the cords are strong giving you a safe experience in all aspects.The non-slip base of the hammock chair pole is sturdy and stable to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Portable and Space-saving:The collapsible bar makes it smaller when folded than ordinary hanging chairsmore portableeasy to take on trips or move around the house.Come with a carrying bag or be compact enough to fit into a backpack.Hammock chairs take up very little space making them an excellent choice for small apartments or homes. They can be easily hung from the ceiling or a stand freeing up valuable floor space.A unique built-in side pocket helps you hold small supplies.
  • Hanging Suspension:It Can achieve continuously adjust and holds up to 500LBS and provides clear instructions on how to hang it safelyIt is strong enough to support the weight of the user.This special hanging suspension can helps the hammock chair be hung from a tree branch a ceiling joist or a hammock chair stand more easily.Though the spreader bar is folded in the bagit’s effortless to assemble.
  • Stylish & Versatility: Hammock chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors making them a versatile piece of furniture. They are great for use in a variety of settings from the living room to the porch to the garden. Hammock chairs are available in a range of colors making them a stylish addition to any home. They can add a touch of bohemian or coastal charm to any space.